The Church of Ensol

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The Church of Ensol is the most influential and important religious organization in the kingdom of Calixnea. It was founded in Aix-la-Calix in the 1st Century of the Sun (C.S.) by the priesthood of the Sun Unconquered, which consolidated into the Church of Ensol due to pressures from the southern religions.

Currently, the Church of Ensol is the most widespread of the ancient cults. Its chief body resides in Aix-la-Calix alongside the Calixnean King and is comprised of the Cardinals of Calix. The Church is overseen by a high priest known as the Hierophant or the High Sun of Calix.

The church expounds a particular dogma relating to the sinful nature of the world. In the eyes of Ensol the Undying Sun, the world itself is a corruption of pure spirit. Only through the intervention of His Priesthood can the sinful flesh be redeemed and purified to join him in the Light.

In Taranne, the clergy of Enzol (Taranese pronunciation) is led by the Lord Bishop Tuederic le Main, Archbishop of the city of Narves. They are responsible for the Crusades against the Nazarines and though the Church’s area of influence does not extend into the southern regions of the Taranne they still capture and torture Nazarines until they capitulate and renounce the Creed of Nazaire.

Lightbringer of Ensol
(Specialty Priest)

ALIGNMENT: Any lawful
WEAPONS: Any blunt
MAJOR SPHERES: Astral, Charm, Combat, Elemental (air, fire), Guardian, Healing, Law, Necromantic, Number, Protection, Summoning, Sun, Weather
MINOR SPHERES: Animal, Creation, Divination, Thought, Time, War, Wards
MAGICAL ITEMS: Any clerical.
REQ. PROFS: Religion (Ensol)
BONUS PROFS: Reading/writing (any)

Lightbringers of Ensol receive a +2 bonus to all saves against spells or effects generated by chaotic or evil sources. Furthermore, in the light of day they receive an additional +1 bonus to all saves against anything for any reason.

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The Church of Ensol

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