Religion in Taranne

The Church of Ensol

The most powerful church in all of Satorna, the Church of Ensol worships the risen sun, as embodied in the male deity himself. In Taranne he is known as Enzol or Ensela (the name the Nazarines have given him). He is said to be a just but stern god, and his church emphasizes prostration and begging of forgiveness.

The heretical Nazarine Order

The Nazarines are a faction of the Ensoline Church who believe the godhead is female; rather than Enzol they worship the female Ensela and focus on peace, charity, and good works.

The Cult of Tue

The ancient god of death is still worshiped in most corners of Satorna. The Taranne is no different; small shrines to him can be found all over the wild.

The Cult of Garde

The Lady of the Forests, her worship is more prevalent in the Taranne than in central Calixnea, probably due to the abundance of wild places.

The Cult of Luerre

The embodiment of the Leurre River, the most major water feature in the Taranne other than the sea, the cult is primarily a local concern.

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Religion in Taranne

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