Prices in the Taranne


Item Price
Belt R3
Boots, thigh-high C3
Boots, low L2
Breeches C5
Cap C1
Cloak, normal R8
Cloak, fur 30L
Doublet, woolen 20L
Doublet, fine L50
Gloves C5
Hose L1
Sash L1
Shoes C8
Surcoat C6
Sword scabbard and baldric L2

Daily Food and Lodging

Item Price
Ale (gallon) L2
Ale (mug) C1
Inn Room, per day _
* Average L5
* Poor C3
Lodging, month _
Average L12
Poor L6
Meals, per day _
Excellent C16
Common C12
Poor C10
Sack (wine), pitcher C2
Stable and Grain, month L3

Tack and Harness

Item Price Weight
Bit and bridle C15 3lbs
Halter C3 -
Saddle _ _
Pack L3 15lbs
Riding L6 35lbs
Saddle bags _ _
large L2 15lbs
small L30 5lbs
Saddle blanket C3 4lbs


Item Price
Carriage L80
Coach L4,000
Coaster L5,000
Galleon L50,000
Wagon L45


Item Price Weight
Crossbow, heavy L30 14lbs
Crossbow, light L20 7lbs
Dagger C12 1lb
Hand axe L5 5lbs
Knife C4 1/2lb
Matchlock Firearms _ _
Arquebus L5 10lbs
Caliver L3 11lbs
Musket with rest L20 20lbs
Polearms _ _
Bill L5 15lbs
Halberd L6 15lbs
Pike L3 12lbs
Quarterstaff free 4lbs
Sickle L3 3lbs
Sling C2 na
Snaplock Firearms _ _
Musket L125 14lbs
Pistol L45 3lbs
Spear L8 5lbs
Swords _ _
Broad sword L6 4lbs
Cutlass L15 5lbs
Rapier L25 2lbs
Saber L23 3lbs
Scimitar L28 3lbs
Two-handed Sword L30 15lbs

Armor and AC

Armor Cost Weight AC reduction
Back-and-Breast L100 35 4
Boots, thigh high L2 2 1
Breastplate L70 20 4
Buckler L2 5 1
Buff Coat L2 5 1
Burgonet L7 5 1
Lobster-tail L4 4 1
Morion L4 5 1
Studded Leather L6 25 2
Tassets L50 10 2
Three-quarter plate L350 60 7

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Prices in the Taranne

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