Nazarine Order

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The Nazarine Order splintered from the main body of Ensolian religion very early in its history. The people of the Taranne had a long history of communal mother-worship. Nazarianism is now completely entrenched within the region. It owes its main credo to its so-called founder, Sainte Nazaire, who was executed during the Almoravin Crusades and who has been canonized by the Nazarines.

The Nazarines believe in the ultimate mercy of Ensela and the goodness of her works. They are a communal religion, and their priests only become so through rigorous purification of the body and mind. Any dedicated applicant may become a priest of Ensela as it requires no formal training, learning, or hierarchy but rather stricter and stricter adherence to a system of rigorous guidelines (including eschewing the consumption of meat and sexual intercourse or release of any kind).

Nazarine Perfectus
(Specialty Priest)

REQUIREMENTS: Constitution 12, Wisdom 15
WEAPONS: Any blunt
MAJOR SPHERES: Astral, Charm, Combat, Elemental (air, fire), Guardian, Healing, Law, Necromantic, Number, Protection, Summoning, Sun, Weather
MINOR SPHERES: Animal, Creation, Divination, Thought, Time, War, Wards
MAGICAL ITEMS: Any clerical.
BONUS PROFS: Endurance

The Perfecti of the Nazarine Order gain a +4 bonus to all interactions between other Nazarines and a -4 bonus to interactions with adherents to the Orthodox Church if their nature is known.

Perfecti always heal at least the average amount of healing with any spells they may use (eg, CLW is always at least 4 hp, etc.).

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Nazarine Order

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