History of Taranne

The Taranne is one of the wealthiest provinces of Calixnea, primarily due to its many deepwater ports and its growth during the Middle Period of Calixnean history. The cities of Sainte Nazaire and Narves are both famous for the ancient custom of the Tarannian Fairs, which drew ships and merchants from all across Satorna.

The Taranne was originally a powerful kingdom of its own right, ruled from the royal capitol at Sainte Nazaire. In the 7th century the kings at the seat of Aix-la-Calix invaded the Taranne to bring the orthodox worship of Ensol with them. They attempted to flush out the so-called pagan cults that were indigenous to the region. They only managed to further complicate the religious history of the Taranne.

The Almoravin Crusades during the 12th and 13th centuries bathed the Taranne in blood of good Calixnean knights as well as native Tarannians. It has left the valleys, forests, and gorges of the reclusive Taranne filled with shadows and ghosts. At the end of the Crusades a local baron of Narves, Saelmen Narves, was granted the comital title and his family has ruled the Taranne since those days. The Narves family is considered by many “true” Tarannians to be treacherous, having sold out the religion of Taranne to end the wars.

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History of Taranne

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